VNS announces new edge-blending models

VNS Inc. has announced new models for its G800 range of edge-blenders: the M800 and M800EX.

Both edge-blenders, part of the M800 series, control edge-blending output from multiple projectors, with 4K/60hz, 10-bit chroma sampling with HDCP 2.2/1.4.

The edge-blenders feature multiple outputs and sources, able to be used with a variety of projectors including short-throw models, with edge-blending on flat and curved surfaces in landscape and portrait modes.

The M800 series feature a modularised design with PIP/POP functions and include a remote controller and Ethernet Web GUI alongside front keyboards for control without additional software or PC control to access Geobox functionality.

Multiple GeoBoxes can be daisy-chained, with the M800EX’s projection mapping functionality allowing users to create a range of shapes in black or white patterns, displaying content on the created pattern.

Up to ten patterns can be saved, with different time intervals able to set for looping playback.

PIP/POP functionality is combined to allow main and PIP/POP images to be displayed in any shape.

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