VNS hardware video processors available in Europe

GeoBox video control products from Taiwan company VNS are available in Europe via the Netherland’s based agent MatrixWorks Europe.

The GeoBox range comprises standalone one-box processors for controlling edge-blending output from multiple projectors and managing video-wall content.

They are hardware based and offer true 4K/60hz, 10-bit and 4:4:4 chroma sampling with HDCP 2.2/1.4. VNS says they control digital content from any input in any format, without the need for a separate PC. Unlimited displays can be controlled by multiple GeoBoxes. 
VNS GeoBox G403
All GeoBox functions are embedded in the processors. The G802 (two-projector) and G804 (four-projector) products allow users to crop images, set overlap pixels, edge-blend and geometrically adjust images. They can be used with any projector including short-throw models. 

The first GeoBox video-wall control products available in Europe include the 4-channel G406, which can show discrete content on each display without the need for a separate matrix switcher. The 8-channel G408, 4-channel G406L (no matrix functionality), and 2-channel G406S (no matrix) are also shipping. 

In addition, VNS has introduced the G403, a 4K/30Hz creative video-wall controller, allowing users to set images at any angle and combination across multiple displays manually or choose from a variety of pre-set modes.
VNS GeoBox G804

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