Vivitek updates LauncherPlus to start meetings instantly

Vivitek has updated its LauncherPlus product.

LauncherPlus connects to any laptop to establish a direct WiFi connection to all the wireless collaboration products in Vivitek’s Novo Ecosystem - both add-on devices and all-in-one display products.

The new LauncherPlus is designed with performance and even higher security in mind, using a Read Only Memory to establish a single click connection for wireless screen mirroring. It features five buttons for quick access and easy control and offers optimised WiFi performance (2.4GHz & 5GHz, 2T2R dual band WiFi antenna) for a faster, more stable and longer distance operational range of up to 15 metres. Intended for guests that are unable to install NovoConnect software on their PC/Mac, the new LauncherPlus streamlines and secures the connection process with zero impact on the existing network.

During set up, the new LauncherPlus offers not only mirroring to display devices, but plug-and-play capabilities, as well as click and display functionality within five seconds when paired. In addition to benefitting from the new LauncherPlus being compatible with 2.4 and 5G WiFi and its enhanced distance range, regular LauncherPlus users will notice other improvements that extend to one Click to Connect, Start and Withdraw, and four buttons with Interactive Functions. These range from ‘join presentation’ to ‘toggle screen extension’, ‘show/hide this software’ and ‘move projection position.’

LauncherPlus supports the Advanced Encryption Standard, and uses an AES256-bit key to protect data. It also offers password protected configuration with Meeting ID and PIN Code Protection.

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