Vivitek launches 4K-supporting projectors

Vivitek has updated its ultra-short projector range with two new models of 4K-supporting projectors: The DH773USTi and DH772UST.

The DH772UST and DH773USTi 1080p projectors offer 4K support, with the DH773USTi featuring built-in support for multi users via two pens or an optional finger touch unit with 10 points. 

The interactive pen can also be used like a computer mouse without installing a driver. 
Both models support 3840x2160 video due to an updated laser module, featuring a 110-in diagonal projection image from 51cm away from the screen surface. 

The projectors feature 3,500 lumens of brightness, 1080p resolution and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. 

A sleep timer and auto-power-off functionality is included when there is no signal input, providing up to 12,000 hours of lamp-life. 

The UST projectors are also compatible with NovoConnect wireless collaboration system to allow users to use their own digital devices directly on a screen to share up to four devices simultaneously. 

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