Vivitek introduces two short-throw projectors for education

Vivitek has introduced the DX881ST and the DW882ST short-throw projectors, designed specifically for educational use.

The two projectors are based on 1-chip DLP technology from Texas Instruments and come equipped with WXGA (DW882ST) or XGA (DX881ST) resolution.

The lamps deliver 3600 or 3300 ANSI lumens, whilst the contrast ratio of 15000:1.

Even higher resolutions, of up to WUXGA, can be projected from these models. The images can be displayed up to a size of 88in from a projection distance of just over one metre.

Lecturers are supported by sound through one microphone input, three additional audio inputs and a built-in 10W speaker. Through the HDMI 1.4b port, it is even possible to achieve 3D
displays in the classroom.

The USB connection offers users access to NovoConnect, an optional wireless presentation tool. From December 2014, participants will be able to use NovoConnect to present their content from a smartphone, tablet or laptop wirelessly, in addition to allowing them to collaborate on and share documents.

The lamps of the DX881ST and the DW882ST have a life of about 7000 hours in eco mode. Vivitek has granted educational institutions a five year warranty on the projectors.

The network interface can be controlled from a distance, ensuring that maintenance work on the projectors can be completed without effort. Secure safeguards against theft, such as the Kensington slot, security bar and PIN, have been incorporated into the projectors’ design and protected controls are also available.

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