Vivitek debuts laser projector with built-in edge-blending

Vivitek has launched its latest laser projector DU9900Z, with edge-blending and warping technology, motorised lens shift/focus/zoom, and lens position memory for easy installation.

It offers 22,000 lumens of brightness and is suitable for pro-AV, rental & staging, outdoor and large venues. It offers a choice of optional lenses, 360-degree and portrait projection, and 24/7 operation capability for installation flexibility.

As a single-chip DLP laser projector, the Vivitek DU9900Z is equipped with a 0.96-inch DMD chip. It offers 3,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and WUXGA resolution.

It can run continuously for 30,000 hours in the 'eco mode', guaranteeing 24/7 operation.

The DU9900Z weighs 49kg and can support with five different motorised lenses with len positioning memory. This enables the position of the lens to be adjusted by electrical control, regardless of where the projector is located. This projector can display image sizes ranging from 40-in to 500-in without image distortion and can be calibrated to use H/V keystone correction (four corners). It also supports 360-degree installation and can be installed without limited the projection angle.

With support for HDBaseT connectivity, image signals can be conveniently transmitted to the projector over long distances via cable and a standard Cat5e/6-LAN interface that has been integrated in the DU9900Z for digital audio content. This allows the projector to be placed up to 100 metres from the source by using only low-cost cabling. In addition, the projector has a 3G-SDI connector, which allows a camera to be used as an image source.

The DU9900Z has been engineered to support Art-Net, a royalty-free communication protocol that enables DMX512-A and RDM (Remote Device Management) and lighting data to be transported over an ethernet network. Previously, a systems integrator would need to build up two control systems with two operators; one for lighting, and one for the projector. With Art-Net, SIs now only need to build up one system to control the lighting and the projector at the same time, with the projector responding immediately via a compiler program with DMX.

The DU9900Z comes with edge-blending and warping technology. It also supports Vivitek’s PJ-Control tool, which adds further control viewing options, settings, scheduling, and display adjustment features that can be controlled over a network.

For added convenience, it also helps users to control multiple projectors remotely, allowing for the creation of projector groups for simultaneous projector control. This not only means a simple setup for users, but it also provides relevant information on projector status so that projectors on the same network can be automatically detected and visualised.

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