Vivitek debuts D770 series short throw projectors

Vivitek introduced its D770 series projectors, offering a 100-in diagonal projection image combined with 3500 lumen brightness and WXGA resolution.

The D770 series can create a 11-in diagonal, 2.15-metre-wide projection image from 44cm away from the screen surface.

The DW771USTi, one of the projectors in the series, supports multi-users with dual pen functionality and an optional finger touch unit with 10 points of contact.

The projector is HID driver-free and features an interactive pen that can be used in the same way as a computer mouse without installing a driver.

The D770 series projectors feature in-built 2X10W speakers which can be combined with the microphone input. Integrated network monitoring and management systems are also included, such as Crestron RoomView.

Users can set a sleep timer to turn off the projector, with the D770 series designed to turn off automatically if there is no signal input for a period of time.

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