Visual Displays offers projector bundles

Visual Displays has partnered with two of its principal suppliers to produce a series of bundled laser projected packages, specifically tailored to the post-Covid age.

Recognising that in the new world of social distancing every inch of presentation space will be required—necessitating large media displays of 100-in and up—it has designed a series of packages around dnp’s Supernova optical screens and Epson’s combined 3LCD and dual laser light source projectors.

Visual Displays’ MD Greg Jeffreys says, “With in-person presentations and blended learning taking on a new complexion in the settings of the future, large media displays will become a given; projection video is far more economical than LFD once the display side reaches 90-in, and from 100-in upward it is the only option. Everything we offer is customised to the client’s requirements from a wide range of dnp Supernova ALR optical displays coupled with Epson projectors.”

Ultra-short throw projection, where the device is mounted just below the screen, is offered as an option as is the top-of-the-range 4K UHD laser projector, with supplied zoom lens. All Epson projectors carry a five-year warranty.