Vision shipping 4K HDMI cable

Vision is now shipping its installation cables including Category 2 'high speed' HDMI cable which has gold-plated connectors and is 4K ready.

Available in lengths from 0.5m patch cables to 15m long cables, all of Vision’s cables are their trademark white.

The HDMI cables up to 5m long use 28 AWG wire cores, while the 10m use thicker 26 AWG wire, and the 15m use even thicker 24 AWG. A difference of 6 AWG represents a doubling of the thickness so the conductors in Vision’s 15m cable is literally twice as thick as what you get in most consumer-class product which is often 30 AWG.

Vision are also shipping USB cables with ferrite cores also available in a range of lengths up to 15m. The 15m USB cable has an inline booster.

Vision recommend their 10 and 15m cables be used with their new Techconnect USB module which has an active booster circuit.