Vision’s flagship

Vision has launched the AV2500 digital mixer/amplifier, the company’s flagship product. The product only uses power when it is amplifying a source and its zoning features make it suited for noisy areas.

Multiple AV2500 units can be daisy-chained together using a single phono cable which cascades all input signals discreetly to all the inputs of the connected amps. Adjusting the volume of the primary input on the first amplifier will not affect the volume of the signal sent on to the second amplifier in the chain. The amps are rack-mountable.

The AV2500’s 2 x 100w (RMS @ 8 ohms) digital stereo power amplifier has enough power for up to four large loudspeakers. If the internal low-impedance amplifier isn’t big enough for the job, or you want to connect a subwoofer, there are pre-outputs as well, which can also be used for recording.

The eight channel mixer has ‘iPod-style’ backlit touch dials and an infra-red remote control.

You can drill in to advanced controls such as full tone and balance control, specific to each input. All inputs can accept either a line-level or microphone-level signal. The XLR connectors are balanced to eliminate noise induced on long cables, and provide “Phantom Power” for lectern and other sensitive condenser microphones.

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