Vision launches updated Techconnect amplifier with loudspeakers

Vision has upgraded its Techconnect amplifier, featuring integrated 5.25-in loudspeakers in the same box.

The new Techconnect Amp Plus combines the Techconnect Amp with high-quality loudspeakers to streamline the workflow for Integrators as they need to order one SKU to meet their audio amplification needs.

The Techconnect Amp uses digital amplifier technology to deliver a 2 x 25W (RMS) output at 8 ohms, all in a compact form factor. The amplifier module can be integrated into a Techconnect surround alongside other connectivity modules.

Stuart Lockhart, director of Vision, said: "One of the standout features of the Techconnect Amp is its versatility and security. It can be easily wall-mounted, eliminating the need for additional furniture and offering enhanced theft protection. This attribute has made it a preferred choice in educational environments and meeting spaces where unobtrusive technology integration is essential.”

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