Vision launches Techconnect Matrix

Vision has launched the Techconnect Matrix, which uses IP infrastructure to create an AV matrix or videowall with up to 199 displays. The devices can be powered by standard network PoE or included power supplies.

It converts HDMI into native TCP/IP packets which can be transmitted over a network, and uses the latest chipset and almost completely lossless JPEG2000 compression which gives no visible latency or degradation. Audio is packetised with the image to ensure accurate synchronisation.

Up to 200 devices can be used on a LAN. So it could be used for a multicast distribution system with one transmitter and 199 x receivers, or as a matrix with 10x transmitters with 190 receivers. It uses 200mbps of bandwidth per transmitter.

Setup software finds the devices on the network and allows drag-and-drop setup of the matrix. It also supports setup of a videowall where it divides one source into segments.

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