Vision audio-over-USB column speakers

Vision has designed its audio-over-USB column speakers, SP-5000, to compliment interactive whiteboard and flatpanel displays.

The audio solution boasts a curved chassis and a slide-up grille reveals an integrated Techconnect modular faceplate. A Techconnect amplifier and connectivity modules can be added. Cables plugged in to the faceplate can be routed downward so the faceplate is hidden behind the grille.

An integrated USB decoder decodes audio received via USB and sends the analogue audio signal to an installed Techconnect Amplifier or an external amplifier. With a USB plugged in the computer will recognise the SP-5000 as an audio output device. The decoder also has a USB output, which can daisy-chain to an interactive whiteboard.

The product is designed to be easy for one person to install. The cover unclips to allow access to the rear of the modules and a bracket is provided for attachment to the wall.

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