Vision amp for ceilings, walls, tables and racks

Vision has launched the AV-1500, an amplifier with four stereo inputs and a balanced XLR microphone input with phantom power.

A line-level output is suitable for feeding larger external amplifiers when the internal amplifier is too small. Alternatively it can be used to feed a sub-woofer or recording equipment.

The AV-1500 can be used as a ceiling amplifier. A mains-power pass-through allows the amp and a projector to share a single power socket in the ceiling. Audio can be routed through the projector to an AV-1500 hidden in the ceiling. Induction or earth hums can be eliminated with a ground-lift switch.

Mounting ears are included to mount the amp to a wall, projector ceiling-pole, or in a rack.

It is a 2 by 25 watt digital amplifier. It has LED dials, which shows dial positions and touch controls are used for the power and input selection buttons.

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