ViewSonic debuts foldable 135-in LED displays for hospitality and events

ViewSonic has introduced a foldable 135-in all-in-one LED display suitable for the hospitality sector and the live events sector.

ViewSonic’s foldable All-in-One LED Display was developed for customers seeking greater agility for event spaces. Its pre-assembled and mobile design significantly simplifies the setup process and offers a range of benefits.

Thanks to its mobile design, the large display can be relocated freely to various locations, allowing a single screen to serve multiple spaces—rather than installing
multiple fixed units across different rooms and saving the hassle of revamping the space. For instance, hotels and restaurants can use it to serve various occasions, from screenings of sporting events and movies at the rooftop bar to displaying promotions for upcoming activities in the lobby. It can also be used as a digital backdrop at banquets, ceremonies, or trade shows.

With a foldable screen, the 135-in LED display can fit into traditional freight elevators and larger passenger elevators when moving. This reduced form factor makes transport easy between rooms on different building floors. This level of flexibility and mobility also assists rental businesses in meeting clients’ needs for one-time or occasional use. The foldable screen came contained in a mobile flight case with wheels to facilitate safe and easy transportation between venues in different cities.

Compared to other displays of a similar size, ViewSonic’s foldable LED display with reduced packaging size is a cost-efficient solution for event organisers and exhibition companies to reduce both logistics costs and labor. For instance, it eliminates the need to rent a humongous vehicle and forklift to deliver and unload it.
Intuitive setup and operation: The foldable All-in-One LED display is pre-assembled with LED modules, cabinets, a system control box, and an adjustable motorised floor stand, all fitting into a mobile flight case. Once unboxed, the display can be set up by two people for instant use in 10 minutes—even by staff with little-to-no knowledge of AV technology. With a built-in operating system and wireless connectivity, users can directly stream content onto the display from mobile devices.

The 135-in LED display’s bezel-free and grid-free design offers a seamless viewing experience. Built-in Harman Kardon speakers round out the audiovisual package, providing a detailed sound right out of the box and negate the need for additional audio equipment.

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