Video to PC/HDTV switching with optional audio

Hall Research Technologies has developed a new product to consolidate your installations with the TVB-400 Video to PC/HDTV Switching Scaler with optional audio.

The TVB-400 series can accept component (SD and HD from 480p to 1080i), S-Video (NTSC or PAL), composite (NTSC or PAL) and PC (RGBHV from VGA to UXGA) inputs and then both switch and scale the output to the desired resolution, whilst optionally switching the Audio from each of the inputs to the output. The unit has controls for input switching, output resolution, picture adjustment, aspect ratio, digital noise reduction, 3D enhancement and optionally the volume for each input. The unit can be controlled via the front panel controls, IR Remote or RS232 control software.

The output resolution can be set as either Component Video (YPbPr from 480p to 1080i) or PC (VGA - 640x480 to SXGA - 1280x1024).

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