Vicoustic launches VicBooth Office for flexible workspaces

Vicoustic is launching a flexible and sustainable ecosystem of acoustic phone booths, private spaces, and isolated meeting rooms for the future office.

The VicBooth Office range comprises of modules, the booths can be bought in different sizes, with a wide range of accessories, upgraded, and even split into smaller units as the office environment changes.

VicBooth Office is composed of melamine, high-quality MDF, and the interiors are composed of VMT panels, using a non-woven textile, predominantly made from recycled plastic bottles.

The VMT technology used in the interior walls also allows for customisation with any colours, patterns, and even the company logo and designs of the client. 

VicBooth Office can be complemented with a range of acoustic solutions, including the VicOffice Line, desk dividers, clouds, VMT panels, and suspended baffles, specially developed by Vicoustic for workspaces.

Companies can even invest in units for home use for key employees.






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