Vestel launches new display products

Vestel has expanded its existing display ranges and launched a new videowall system and digital signage product.

Vestel launched its Extra Bright PDX Digital Signage, comprised of a 55-75-in series.

The displays, offered in 55-in and 75-in full HD display sizes feature a brightness level of 2,500 Nits and a 75-in PDX1000 UHD display with a brightness level of 1,000 Nits.

The displays can be fitted in landscape or portrait mode, with native contrast ratios of up to 5,000:1 for the 55-in display.

Both displays feature QuadCore SOC technology, allowing users to access content based management systems online as well as offline.

LAN and RS-232 control is also offered, with a core range of scheduling functionality being enabled.

API is also supported, allowing users to develop their own applications.


The displays also feature USB Auto-Launch and a secure USB socket as well as pixel shifting technology.                                                                                                                   

A new range of 37-in and 86-in stretched displays were launched, with vertical and horizontal orientation options as well as ‘face up’ installation options, the 37-in display has a brightness level of 700 Nits, with a brightness of 500 Nits for the 86-in model.

The 86-in screen has 3840 x 600 picture quality, with a 1920 x 540 display, with a bezel width of 3.5mm. Both screens can be installed in side by side configurations with their DisplayPort inputs and outputs to create a videowall display.

The 37-in screen also features native contrast ratios of up to 4000:1

Both screens come with system on chip technology, with users being able to remotely schedule functionality using RS-232 or LAN control.

Both displays feature pixel shifting technology and signal failover protection, which switches input sources to display pre-selected content in the event of a loss of signal.

Content can also be launched via USB, secured via a USB security feature which allows memory sticks to be locked behind the display panel. 

Vestel also launched a new videowall system, featuring full HD 49-in, 55-in and 65-in size options, with the option of a 65-in UHD screen.

The videowall system features contrast ratios of up to 1400:1 and a 10-bit colour depth, with bezel width options of 3.5mm and 1.8mm.

The videowall has brightness levels of 500 and 700 Nits as well as 1500 Nits for the 55-in screen size option.




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