Vestel launches Cloud collaboration and signage displays

Designed with an Intel Core vPro processor-based hub, Vestel's 55/65/75/86-in interactive flat panel displays offer a wireless connection to Intel Unite, a content sharing software for screen sharing.

To facilitate wider information sharing, each connected display can support up to 4 shared screens, enabling users to compare results and alternative ideas.

With a click of the mouse, one presenter’s screen display can be switched to another’s, helping to ensure a more fluid transition between every individual presenter’s allocated time slot. To leave the meeting, participants only have to close their devices.

Various permission levels can even be set to lock specific applications, so that information is easier to manage securely when meetings are scheduled with 3rd party partners. As well as enabling the organiser to view and check who has joined the meeting, this system comes with various other controls and security features, offering the possibility of integrating Windows Hello, a fingerprint sensor.

Powered by Windows 10 Professional operating system, the displays are designed to run Windows desktop, offering collaborative tools to complement and build on the screen sharing experience. Together with Office applications and the optional USB camera, services, such as Skype for Business provide HD video conference.

To further enhance communications, the displays are designed with 4K resolution , ensuring clarity for any spreadsheet. As well as providing high quality speakers, they offer the option of a far-field microphone to pick up participants’ voices from further away and to cancel out any unwanted background sound. For on-the-spot information and assistance, in and out of meetings, they also come with the additional option of Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana.

Optional extras, such as Microsoft Translator are designed to extend the reach of businesses, supporting the participation of other company offices from around the globe as well as multi-national suppliers, customers and 3rd party partners. When presentations are uploaded, AI in the cloud works to translate any words that may be difficult to understand in as many languages as required.

The Whiteboard application is suitable for real-time collaboration, offering users the possibility of sharing ink across several devices and of editing, revising and updating presentations and documents, ready for immediate approval and use.

Business touch gestures can also be used to highlight information and alter designs. Plans and proposed layouts are easy to zoom in upon thanks to the 20-point touchscreen, whilst product designs and shapes can be rotated and flipped as required.

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