Vestel displays get content management boost with Telelogos deal

Vestel Visual Solutions has partnered with content management software provider Telelogos to seamlessly integrate Telelogos software with Vestel displays.

Thanks to the partnership, Vestel system-on-chip (SoC) displays can be powered by Telegos Media4Display software, simplifying content management, accelerating deployment and improving display performance.

The deal covers the Vestel Entry+, Prime+ and Extreme+ series, encompassing 32-in to 98-in screen sizes.

Telelogos-powered Vestel screens can be pre-configured automatically online, and then sent out with enforced management.

IT administrators can use the Telelogos content management platform to integrate back-office systems and install corporate-owned web applications to provide organisation-wide, uniform, real-time access to data.

For applications such as café and bar chains, pricing can be extracted directly from back-office systems to display on-screen, updating in real-time whenever there is a price change.

Remote management of display settings, such as screen brightness and volume, help to optimise performance for specific on-site environments. Remote diagnostics to playback analytics reports can be generated.

For retail applications Telelogos APIs and Vestel displays work together to deliver relevant event-triggered content. Web triggers can be developed to launch customised content to the screens any time a particular customer interaction takes place, or whenever there is a weather change.

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