Vestel and Deneva partner on digital signage system

Vestel Visual Solutions has built on its long-standing global partnership with Deneva software producer, ICON Multimedia, to introduce a new Deneva-approved and certified System-on-Chip technology system.

Allowing all the capabilities of the Deneva platform to be integrated into the entire Vestel line-up of 43-in to 98-in digital signage displays, the new package offers a competitive advantage to integrators, widening the spectrum of opportunities for projects across a vast range of industry applications.

As well as eliminating the need for any middleware, it streamlines the deployment process, while also working to keep installation, operational and maintenance costs to a minimum.

As soon as it is connected to power and network, this out-of-the-box display system ensures automated, centralised control of small, medium and enterprise level digital signage networks, enabling end users to develop network applications, as well as create and schedule multimedia content in any resolution for one, some or all of the displays. For more immersive showcases, much of the Vestel range of digital signage supports the display and playback of 4K UHD HDR content.

Compatible with all the latest Deneva range of software applications, the system ensures custom-built functionality for all sectors, ranging from retail, QSR, finance, supermarkets and hospitality, to corporate, education, transport, and healthcare.

The SoC-powered range of Vestel displays is also now approved for compatibility with the new Deneva Safe and Tech system. This uses AI, Big Data and biometric systems to ensure businesses can comply with the latest Covid-19 regulations for maximum in-store capacities, mask wearing and social distancing.

Designed for portrait and landscape orientations, the flexible Vestel series can be adapted to suit any environment, coming with a range of display capabilities, which include continuous 16/7 and 24/7 run-times, as well as brightness levels of up to 2,500 Nits.

The SoC technology system will be available for the entire Vestel digital signage line-up from 2021 onwards.

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