Vbrick introduces Cisco Spark bot to record and share meetings

Vbrick has announced the commercial availability of a Cisco Spark bot that allows participants in Cisco Spark spaces to search video libraries hosted on the Vbrick Rev video management platform, and record Cisco Spark meetings through Rev for later viewing and sharing.

The Rev Cisco Spark bot, available through the Cisco Spark Depot, adds to existing integrations that enable Rev and Cisco Spark users to enjoy the benefits of Rev’s scalable live and on-demand video webcasting and management capabilities as a part of the Cisco Spark experience.

Using the Rev Cisco Spark bot, customers can record Cisco Spark Meetings – Cisco Spark meeting participants can type in a text command to add Rev into a space as a participant. Rev then records the meeting for on-demand viewing via the Rev modern, consumer-grade portal.

Users can search and share video recordings within Cisco Spark – Rev customers can use keywords to search through thousands of Rev-hosted video assets from within a Cisco Spark space.  Rev will return the top three video matches that can then be shared in as many additional rooms as desired.

The bot adds to existing integrations of Rev with Cisco Spark that also allow customers to subscribe to Rev video channels and receive notifications and links within Cisco Spark for playback and video sharing, and stream live from Cisco Spark spaces using Rev’s self-service live webcasting capabilities.

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