Vanco Evolution announces new 4K HDMI extenders

Vanco Evolution has launched two new products in its Evolution line of 4K video signal delivery products, announcing a 4K extender and a 4x2 4K vide matrix with built-in Multiview.

Vanco’s 4K HDMI extender, the EV4KWHDMI, delivers 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 video up to 50 metres, traversing walls and floors in a similar manner to WiFi. The extender features IR control signal passthrough, allowing the user to control the HDMI source remotely from the display. 

A signal loop-out is included on the transmitter, allowing local monitoring or cascading the signal to additional AV distribution devices. 

EVMX42MV 4K 4x2 HDMI matrix with Multiview

The EVMX42MV 4x2 HDMI Matrix delivers signals from up to four HDMI sources to two displays, with switching and eight different built-in display modes.

Users can display one, two, three or all four sources at once, enabling integrators to configure display setups for digital signage, sports bars, collaboration spaces and more. 

The EVMX42MV delivers 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 HDMI signals with HDR as well as analogue and digital audio de-embedding for each output. 

Control is available through IR, RS-232 and IP control, as well as third-party drivers for RTI, Control4 and Crestron. 

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