Vaddio adds processor technology to ProductionVIEW HD

Vaddio has added processor technology to its ProductionVIEW HD to create the ProductionVIEW HD MV.

Multiviewer capabilities and digital inputs and outputs have been added and, when combined with TeleTouch Multiviewer Touch Screen a user can switch all live feeds and create up to 12 video thumbnails of preset shots by touching the monitor.

ProductionVIEW HD MV is a 6 x 2 multi-format, seamless video mixer. It provides two discrete outputs for dual bus program feeds (two independent 6 x 1 mixers). Input signals include analogue HD YPbPr video, RGBHV, SD (Y/C and CVBS), and input 6 provides a DVI-I input for RGBHV, DVI-D and HDMI. The programme and preview outputs have both analogue (YPbPr, RGBHV, Y/C & CVBS) and digital (DVI-D & HDMI) outputs. HD resolutions up to 1080p/60fps are supported.

Camera control features include a broadcast-style three-axis/one-button Hall Effect Joystick with twist handle zoom control, as well as separate Pan, Tilt and Speed control knobs. There are six discrete auto-sensing RS-232 camera control ports that are compatible with Vaddio, Sony, Panasonic and Canon PTZ Cameras. A wide variety of transitions including cuts, dissolves and wipes can be achieved through user-selectable buttons built into the control surface. The Lower Screen Graphic (LSG) function allows users to overlay computer graphics onto the program video output.

Optional TeleTouch Multiviewer Touch Screen Control Monitors allow you to easily see and switch all live video feeds and create video thumbnails with finger-touch control. The multiviewer can be configured to display up to six input windows and two larger preview and program windows with red and green tally window borders. The preview output is configurable for analog and digital outputs and allows for either standard preview outputs or the multiviewer output. In addition, each camera input can have up to 12 stored video thumbnail preset camera shots. The TeleTouch Touch Screen Control Monitors are available in two sizes: 18.5-inch rack-mount or a standard 22-inch with base.

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