Universal network operating system

UMAN GmbH will present UNOS (Universal Network Operating System) for the first time at Prolight + Sound later this month. A platform- and network-independent software package, UNOS has been designed to enable the easy integration of audio, video and lighting devices into networks.

In UNOS, devices obtain a streaming interface and an easily programmed and powerful graphic user interface. As a result, says UMAN, UNOS offers manufacturers "swift and risk-free migration" to Ethernet AVB (Audio-Video Bridging) without the costly overheads of in-house development. 

The 'netOS' comprises three groups of software: UNOS core, UNOS vision and UNOS creator. UNOS core provides the low-level communication and runs in a wide variety of embedded environments. It uses an open standard as a protocol and, via hardware drivers, supports many current as well as future network standards such as IEEE 1722, IEEE 1588, IP, UPnP, NAS, MIDI, CAN and RS-232. UNOS core is implemented and tested on the commonly encountered embedded environments and can be adjusted to manufacturer-specific hardware and standard chipsets. 

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