UMAN to demonstrate real-time HD video

UMAN Universal Media Access Networks will demonstrate the worlds first real-time HD video network at prolight+sound 2010.

Usingzero-latency technology, the system is able to carry up to 64 HDstreams (1080p60) within the network with a point-to-point latency ofwell below 5 milliseconds. UMAN has aimed to provide a backbonesolution where all types of media content can be transferred with aguaranteed latency and Quality-of-Service.

Juergen Scheuring,CEO, says: “The convergence provides system integrators anextremely flexible and powerful, though cost effective solution forinstallations, theatres and live events.”

The UMAN Networkstructure comprises UMAN routers, backbones, and the well knowntopology of IP-addressed devices and IP subnets.

To enablemanufacturers to achieve a short time-to-market, UMAN has completedreference designs for audio nodes, remote control, various routers,and a ready-to-use single board design of a HDMI-to-UMAN Video node.

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