UMAN Shows netOS at Frankfurt - Video included

The latest revelation to come out of UMAN is the netOS software, which enables devices from different manufactures to connect in a simple way.

Robby Gurdan, who is the chief technical officer of UMAN explains, that any manufacturer can use it and it will support any major network technologies and devices. With netOS You can integrate audio, video and lighting devices.

The netOS breaks down into three groups of software. UNOS core, UNOS vision and UNOS creator. The UNOS creator device location feature, which is a piece of browsing software, is linked with google sketch-up and it allows you to find a device quickly your in set-up or system. If you are on a Windows PC, a Mac, an iPhone or even a Linux machine platform, the netOS provides applications for all of them. UNOS can produce and offer simple solutions to help the migration towards Ethernet AVB and help build your system without inter-company development.    

In this video recorded at Pro Light & Sound, Robby talks to InAVate editor Chris Fitzsimmons about the new product.

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