Ultraleap’s TouchFree system gets a boost with 3Di camera launch

Hand tracking and haptic specialist Ultraleap is targeting out-of-home (OOH) and retail applications with the launch of its 3Di camera.

The camera complements Ultraleap’s TouchFree system and is suitable for retrofits and new kiosk designs.

Ultraleap’s TouchFree system now comprises the new 3Di camera and the TouchFree application, powered by Ultraleap’s hand tracking software, Gemini.

The Ultraleap 3Di camera offers a wide field of view that supports landscape screens up to 42-in and its increased range allows interaction with portrait screens up to 32-in. Faster initialisation is designed to make interaction more intuitive, while its fully enclosed design provides ingress protection. Finally, the camera’s high frame rate (90fps) means Ultraleap can power a full range of creative content and development.

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