tvONE updates Coriomaster2 video processor

tvONE has released a new software and firmware update for its Coriomaster2 video processor, adding new features to create augmented 4K/8K (4K60 4:4;4) video experiences for LED installation, projection edge blends and monitor walls.

The update adds a Quad 4K IN high bandwidth HDMI input module (CM2-HDMI-4K-4IN) for Coriomaster2, an integrated custom resolution manager with storage for up to 20x custom resolutions and layout only presets.

Additional features include a 4K streaming media and playback module, an 8x HD synchronised playback, support for MPEG2 video playback, low latency IP streams from any encoder, storage of details for up to 40x encoders for IP streams, AES decode of encrypted streams and FTP media download capability for each module.

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