TvONE extension system uses HDBaseT5Play tech

tvONE has announced the 1T-CT-550 DVI + Audio over single Cat.6 extension system consisting of the 1T_CT-551 transmitter coupled with the 1T-CT-552 receiver.

The system employs HDBaseT 5Play technology to allow the transmission of uncompressed WUXGA (1920x1200) computer signals over a single Cat.5e or Cat.6 cable.

Transmission of DVI-D video plus analogue stereo audio is supported and the system will also allow HDMI signal transmission with the use of appropriate DVI to HDMI cable adapters.

The 1T-CT-551/1T-CT-552 system can achieve signal distribution distances of up to 100 metres for uncompressed WUGXA signals without signal degradation.

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