tvONE debuts new CORIOmaster updates

tvONE has unveiled new features for its CORIOmaster series of videowall processors, including a quad output HDMI module, embedded audio support, a dedicated audio input/output module with low latency IP stream management and a multi-user HTTPS SSL security interface.

The CORIOmaster series includes the 4RU C3-540 CORIOmaster, 1RU C3-510 CORIOmaster mini and the ½ RU C3-503 CORIOmaster micro 4K video processors with mixed input resolutions, window placement, source and screen orientations, bezel adjustment, edge-blending and customisable output resolutions.

The CORIOmaster now includes an HDMI 4-port output module (CM-HDMI-SC-4OUT) with the option for up to 56 outputs from one 4RU chassis.

Digital audio can now be taken from source to a CORIOmaster powered videowall via an integrated audio de-embed/re-embed capability.

User can also add a new audio module (CM-AUD-2IN-4OUT) for digital and analogue connectivity to and from external audio reinforcement systems.

The CORIOmaster’s IP streaming media and 4K playback module (CM-AVIP-IN-1USB-1ETH) has received an upgrade, capable of accepting both H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) with increased bandwidth performance and a low latency mode when used with tvONE’s Magenta Encoder-100.

CORIOgrapher enhancements are also included, such as a secure communi

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