tvONE announces Bosch integration for conferencing products

tvONE has confirmed an integration partnership with Bosch, combining tvONE’s Coriomatrix modular video switching router and Bosch’s conferencing systems.

The 4K coriomatrix router enables the mixing of AV, broadcast, IP and legacy sources and can now facilitate streaming of the active speaker video to a hall display or system that records or webcasts an HD-SDI feed via Bosch’s conference solutions.

The Bosch conference systems can connect to the tvONE switcher via TCP/IP, controlling the switcher by using the tvONE protocol to switch the video stream of the person speaking automatically to displays or video walls. 

The coriomatrix supports a range of Bosch’s conference products, including the IP-based Dicentis conference system, the WiFi-based Dicentis wireless conference system and the CCS 1000 D digital discussion system.

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