TV One updates AVT-3310 scaler, unveils AVT-3320

TV One’s AVToolbox Division has replaced the AVT-3310 analogue video scaler with a new model, the AVT-3320.

The new scaler adds UXGA capabilities that increase the resolution to 1600 x 1200.

It allows you to view any standard analogue format video source in high resolution on a PC Monitor. It has both Composite Video and S-Video inputs that can be up converted to XGA, SXGA or UXGA outputs. The AVT-3320 is designed for use with an NTSC 3.58 or PAL analogue video signal originating from a VCR, DVD or video game. The output resolution is switch selectable as desired.

It weighs less than 200g and is housed in a durable enclosure.

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