Turbosound releases 10-inch subwoofer system

Turbosound has unveiled a 10-inch subwoofer system in the shape of the 1,200W Athens TCS110B-WH. The subwoofer designed for a wide range of speech and music reinforcement applications. The product has also been engineered to work in conjunction with Turbosound loudspeaker management systems.

Featuring a dual port design enclosure, the TCS110B-WH is armed with a 10-inch low frequency driver and a specialized voice coil wound on both the inside and outside of the coil for higher magnetic density, heat dissipation and higher power handling capabilities.

The product is finished in a durable, semi-matt white paint and the cabinet has been constructed from 15mm birch plywood with integral M10 threaded rigging points. The rear panel connector plate carries Neutrik SpeakOn NL4 and barrier strip connectors for input and link connections to additional enclosures.

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