Turbosound launches line array system

Turbosound has unveiled its Manchester series line array system for large-scale install and touring PA applications, with five products constituting the line including the MV 212 and MV 212-XV line array elements, MS215 and MS218 subwoofers and MAN-FG universal fly grid for Manchester MV line array elements and MS215 subwoofers.

The MV 212 and MV 212-XV dual 12-in XV line array elements feature a max SPL of 149 dB with three way bi-amp and dual coaxial neodymium mid-high compression drivers in addition to dual 12-in transducers with neodymium motors and FIR Lake presets. 
 Two integral dendritic plane wave transformer waveguides are also included for line source coupling in the vertical plane. 

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