Tukans debuts 4K capture device

Tukans has unveiled Reach Technologies’ Bee8 Plus 4K capture device, capable of integrating video, audio, VGA and USB interfaces.

The Bee8 Plus features five HDMI and four 3G-SDI inputs and can simultaneously record, stream and switch between multiple interfaces, with recording and streaming of up to 4K video over HDMI inputs and full HD 1080P/60 over the SDI inputs. 

The Bee8 Plus features a ‘one-button recording’ system with play, stop, pause and record buttons on the device’s front panel, with the panel including a USB port to redundantly record onto an external USB hard drive, downloading previously recorded content. 

Multiple control options are available for the Bee8 Plus, with external control of the device being provided using a control system including Crestron, AMX or Extron, with a free iPad app to allow for camera control movement, screen arrangement and record functions or control the Bee8 from a windows computer using Manager Lite. 

Content can be streamed directly to online platforms such as Youtube Live, Facebook Live and Panopto through the Bee8 Plus’ network port as well as RTSP and RTMP protocols. 

Content can be monitored as it is recorded and streamed by connecting a display to the HDMI output on the Bee8 Plus, being compatible with third party video monitors. 

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