TruKnox launches Synclan videowall software

TruKnox Technologies has developed Synclan, to create ultra HD videowalls of any configuration or scale.

Content is assigned, delivered and synchronised between videowall displays over LANs. Synclan-powered videowalls use off-the-shelf mini or micro PCs to drive each flat panel display in a videowall design, and the PCs are controlled and get their synchronisation signals from a central Master Player PC, using low-cost network cables and Synclan Manager software.

It allows systems integrators, AV rental and staging specialists, and retail designers to dream up and realize videowalls that are not constrained by limits on the number of displays, the shape and orientation of displays, or the resolution.

he software-driven TruKnox solution lets content designers and videowall operators conceive and build their ideal display canvases, and then map, assign and deliver the content to each videowall display perfectly, with content synchronized to the accuracy of individual video frames.

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