Trueform Digital smart signs work with the IoT

Truform Smart Kiosk

Digital advertising display specialist Trueform Digital has unveiled a range of Smart Street Digital Info Hubs.

The interactive displays are suited to use in large public footfall areas such as town centres, shopping centres, sports venues and transport hubs.

They are available in a range of sizes and have HD touchscreen displays. They can be used for advertising, wayfinding, public transport information and engaging with the public. Displays are housed in a ruggedized long-lasting enclosure.

Features include fast and free Wi-Fi connectivity, USB device charging points and instant access to emergency services for the public. 

Each kiosk can be fitted with a wide range of smart sensors that can automatically collect and share real time information with other devices within a connected kiosk networked environment. 

Sensors can monitor and measure air quality, traffic, weather, cyclists and pedestrians, noise, parking and light pollution. All the sensors can be controlled collectively.