TriLite and Dispelix to create AR glasses projection display

TriLite and Dispelix have announced a partnership to create a projection-based display system for AR smart glasses.

The image creation system for AR glasses requires a projector and a mostly-transparent waveguide, usually a piece of glass or plastic that bends and combines light beams from multiple sources into the eye. The finished system will combine TriLite’s Trixel 3 laser beam scanner with Dispelix’s waveguide technology,

The Trixel 3 projector features a volume of less than one cm3, with a weight of 1.5g for long-term wear and no additional relay optics are required between the LBS projector and the waveguide. 

The projection system will also reportedly generate high brightness required for outdoor usage, such as in skiing glasses, with a large eyebox to make custom adjustment and fitting of AR glasses redundant. 


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