Touch screen conferencing units

Bosch Security Systems has announced the addition of integrated PC and touch-panels to the existing range of flush-mounted DCN discussion units.

In addition to the existing flush-mount DCN Next Generation discussion units, Bosch Security Systems now offers a custom-made solution called DCN Interactive featuring discussion units with integrated PC and touch-screen panel. With this additional feature, delegates at meetings can follow the voting results visually and in real-time on displays built into their discussion units. Units can also be completely customized with a choice of touch-screen type and size.

The existing discussion units in combination with touch-screen panels also offer other easy-to-use functionalities, such as a synoptic overview of on-line microphones, file sharing and delegate-to-delegate messaging. In addition, live video of each speaker can be sent directly to each touch-screen, allowing delegates to follow who is speaking. And with Microsoft Internet Explorer and an on-screen “soft” keyboard, delegates and speakers will be able to connect to the internet during a meeting to access websites, files or presentations located on remote servers. Meeting organizers can also prepare their own websites with information about the meeting that can be made available to delegates in advance.

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