TOA unveils voice alarm/PA system

TOA released an integrated voice alarm and PA system, claiming the SX-2000 Audio Management System represents a fully scaleable, network enabled product line. The system is designed to provide easy distribution of BGM, paging and emergency messaging across large buildings and multiple site facilities.

With the SX-2000SM System Manager as its ‘hub’, the range offers a variety of options including multiple audio input and output units, fireman’s microphone stations, and remote mic extensions. Minimum system configuration is eight inputs by eight outputs, expandable to a maximum of 64 inputs and 128 outputs, with as many as 776 control ins and outs and with 16 audio buses plus 2 emergency buses.

To provide failsafe operation, the SX-2000 can remain fully functional on DC power and offers both network and power-supply redundancy. It also offers an additional analogue backup facility. Malfunctions or failures in the system are detected within 100 seconds, generating both a display alert and an audible signal. At the same time, a failure log is created, transmitted via TCP/IP and can be stored on a connected PC. The system also constantly checks and measures speaker impedance values to guard against potential overloads or wiring errors.