TOA to show automated voice announcements system for airports at ISE 2019

At ISE 2019 TOA is to demonstrate its cooperation with AviaVox to distribute automatically generated airport voice announcements with surpassing intelligibility.

In cooperation with AviaVox, TOA now offers the possibility to generate automated voice announcements with voice clarity using the EN54-certified voice alarm system VX-3000 in combination with the AviaVox intelligent announcement systems.

With its wide range of speakers, TOA guarantees the continued surpassing voice intelligibility of these announcements even in the challenging acoustics of wide and crowded spaces common to airports.

With its phoneme technology, AviaVox is able to generate fully natural announcements in a multitude of languages. The system is connected to the airport operational database, and constantly receives flight status updates. In accordance with the individual airport announcement policy these updates trigger automatically generated announcements which are then distributed by the VX-3000 – with all the benefits that come with the capabilities of TOA’s flagship product e.g. such as addressing specific zones, prioritising of announcements and offering comfort and atmosphere through background music.
The scalable IP-based system architecture of the VX-3000 provides up to 320 kW rated output power. This makes it applicable for airports from small to large, with up to 2560 zones and 1280 remote microphones. The addition of the VX-3308WM – TOA’s new all-in-one voice alarm wall mount system – allows its use even in small and remote locations. 

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