TOA packages wireless classroom audio system

TOA Corporation has launched its TeachIR infrared wireless classroom sound system in Europe.

The system consists of the IR-802T integrated mixer/tuner, the IR-820SP Powered IR speaker, the IR-300M teacher’s pendent microphones and IR-200BC battery charger.

It is equipped with dual IR reception channels to allow for the simultaneous use of two IR microphones and permits the same two IR channels to operate across all classrooms.

In addition, the IR-802T provides three line inputs for auxiliary sound sources such as DVD players, PC’s and MP3 players.

It also provides a line output for feeding assisted listening devices (ALD), distance-learning systems, recording devices or auxiliary audio systems.

An incorporated three-band equaliser allows adjustment for room acoustics and to help prevent feedback.

The IR-820SP combines a 5" 2-way coaxial speaker with a built in 20W Class D power amp and 360-degree IR sensor ring.

Speakers will also be UL2043 rated for installation in ceiling plenums and the connection between the two units is via a single CAT5 wire with RJ45 termination.

The IR-300M wireless teacher’s microphones have a wide-area IR array with a built-in omni-directional microphone and can accept several lavalier or headset microphone options.

The kit also comes supplied with rechargeable NiMH batteries and the entire transmitter unit can be inserted into the IR-200C charging cradle.

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