TOA Canada releases hands-free Personal PA System

TOA Canada has released a Personal PA System, the ER-1000A-BT, designed to deliver audio at events while allowing the use of your hands for further direction.

The wearable equipment has a slightly curved design to fit over the waist. With a built-in digital amplifier and an optimised frequency for speech, a clear voice can overcome a noisy place.

The lightweight system will cover a range of up to 100m (300ft), is very easy to operate and runs on either 6 (9 V DC) Alkaline batteries or 6 (7.2 V DC) rechargeable NiMH batteries.


TOA Canada releases hands-free Personal PA System


Retaining the quality and durability of the original ER-1000 model, the new design features an AUX input terminal that allows public address announcements to be executed with your favourite music. 

A significant improvement to the ER-1000A-BT has been the addition of Bluetooth connection. Now users of the Personal PA System can pair up a compatible device, like a smartphone or audio player and play music. It is a personal megaphone and speaker all in one.

The equipment is suitable for sports classes, sporting officials, guided tours, directing traffic and other security-and-safety-related applications.

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