TLS sends HDMI and DVI signals over 100m

The DVI-I SignalManager active signal amplifier from TLS and the TLS DVI cable allows for perfect DVI signal transmission up to 100 metres without conversion.

The DVI-I SignalManager supports digital signals up to a resolution of 1920 x 1200 x 60 Hz as well as analogue signals (500 MHz (-3 dB)) and features a video bandwidth of 1,65 Gbps. The  signal amplifier also supports DDC and HDCP. The DVI-I SignalManager is connected nearby the output device, to guarantee an optimal image quality in conjunction with the high quality TLS DVI cable. With the TLS DVI solutions a signal conversion which always causes losses in signal quality is not necessary, even not over long transmission distances! 
The fire retardant, halogen-free TLS HDMI cable allows for optimum signal transfer over 25 m without amplification in Full HD. Besides the communication signals for video and audio also the copy protection HDCP as well as the protocol are transmitted.

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