TI DLP shows off new projector capabilities at Bett

TI DLP used the BETT show in London to announce dual-pen and 3D interactive projectors for the education market.

DLP technology works with passive and active 3D displays as well as a variety of light sources including lamp, laser and LED.

The company’s interactive projector manipulation of projected images on any surface with the touch of a pen or from a distance without the need for calibration. Using a special interactive pen that functions similarly to a wireless mouse users can interact with an image on the screen from up to seven metres away.

With dual-pen capabilities classrooms can have two students interacting with the projected image at the same time. DLP dual-pen interactive projectors also work in conjunction with 3D.

In addition, projectors such as the one launching this week from Acer are now available with SXGA+ chipsets. This chip provides 1400x1050 resolution for readable text and graphics at a distance.

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