The next generation of Video Window is now live

The next generation of the video conferencing portal platform Video Window has gone live.

Users now have the ability to join the audio of other Video Window Office devices by default to make conversations start even faster (Remote users have this disabled by default). Users also now have the ability to pin a specific Video Window Office device to the stage when no one is on audio (overriding the standard stage rotation).

Brand new groups functionality enables memberships to different topics/departments and jump between them throughout the day e.g. all hands, sales team, finance team etc. 

A brand new whiteboard with more advanced functionality and faster responses has been added, as have two factor authentication, to improve security logins for office devices and remote users.

Large format screen support for Android displays and devices has been added, and Cisco RoomOS support has been added too, for customers who have Webex Boards, Desk series or Room series devices running Cisco RoomOS. 

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