Teracue ENC-300 H264 HD encoders

The ENC-300 is a hardware encoder blade built for 24/7 streaming and real time encoding. The H264 HD encoder series supports input of DVI signals up to 1920x1200, HDMI or HD-SDI.

Additionally the ENC-300 supports RGB, analogue Components and Composite, for those applications where many different signals are found and the encoder inputs need to be switched. 
The ENC-300 uses only 9W power to encode video and audio signals. Making it ideal not only for fixed installations but also for mobile 4G sports, broadcast contribution and news gathering, since the HD encoder can be powered by a battery.
The DVI versions mainly targets medical, military, control room and training applications where high resolution DVI/VGA signals from medical instruments and cameras, radar devices, monitoring displays, or any kind of PC desktop views - need to be shared, published, recorded and distributed by means of professional video-networking and IPTV.