Tekvox launches 81200-DLC drop in system

Tekvox has debutes its 81200-DLC drop in AV system for education verticals, featuring flexible matrix switching, controllable PTZ cameras, content broadcasting and recording.

Occupancy-based automation is included, with the 81200-DLC using USB to HDMI encoders to enable a customer’s PC and a TEK-PC controller to act as the codecs for the system, recording or broadcasting camera footage and local content simultaneously without additional hardware. 

A local DHCP server on the Tek-PC allows the room to operate on its own local network, with a combination touchscreen and real-time confidence monitor providing room control and source previewing. 

Multiple PTZ cameras can be used to record the instructor and students in 1080p, with flexible matrix switching handling a scalable number of sources and displays. The system is also HDMI, HDCP and HDBaseT compliant. 

The standard configuration supports four HDMI inputs, two PTZ cameras and two displays which can be any combination of flat panels or projectors.   

Additional upgrade and customisation options are also available.

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