Tekvox debuts room mics booster pack for videoconferencing


Tekvox has announced the release of 710BP-Room_Mics, a drop-In booster pack designed to add a system of microphones to a new or existing AV system. This booster pack consists of a fully-integrated system of array microphones for capturing audio in any room, plus a DSP for performing automatic echo cancellation and mixing.

All ceiling microphones come mounted on clear Plexiglas plates for easy installation and high-quality sound pickup.

The Room_Mics booster pack includes connections for an instructor’s wireless mic, a desk- or podium-mounted mic, and six high-quality, ceiling-mounted array microphones for students to guarantee impressive full-room audio. Each array microphone picks up sound in a wide arc, ensuring clear, consistent sound from anywhere in the room.

All microphones are connected to the DSP, which dynamically adjusts, filters, and enhances room audio so everyone is heard, loud sounds are dampened, and any noise or echo is entirely eliminated.

A USB connection routes audio to and from a videoconferencing PC (not included) for full-room integration and a videoconferencing experience every time. Once adjusted, filtered, and mixed, the mics are routed to an audio amplifier to be played over the room’s speakers.

The booster pack is shipped fully functional, pre-programmed, and rigorously tested.